Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Deathly Hallows

Don't worry, no spoilers here!

I finished reading the seventh Harry Potter book this week and now have been feeling kind of let down. Not because the ending wasn't good but because now the story is over! I can understand why JK Rowling would have been emotional when she was done writing it, she lived and breathed these characters!

I did find the book a bit slow at the beginning but by about half way though it was hard to put down. And it was neat to see the way that the characters matured through the story!

And I have to say that as I read various chapters, I did think, "oh, that will make a great movie scene"!

So now I can't wait for the 6th and 7th movies!


Rosemary said...

thanks for not spoiling the ending after the girls and Steve please pass on the book to me .Can hardly wait to read it, tho right now have lots. This winter I am thinking Harry will be a nice dark days read.

Anonymous said...

you have time to read a whole book?
do you work as hard as your cousin?
Chris Culver

Rosanne said...

Hi Russell!!!

Great to hear from you!
And, you know, I work way harder than my cousin Chris!!