Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'm back with another cruise stop on our recent Baltic adventure, this time we're in Oslo. 
This is one of the views as we sailed into port.

And this was the view from our balcony while in port. It is Akershus Castle which dates from 1299.  This medieval castle and royal residence was developed into a fortress in 1592, after which it was rebuilt into a renaissance castle in 1637-1648.

Of course the rebuilding into the renaissance castle was overseen by Christian IV.

This is a statue depicting Christian IV pointing where Oslo should start to be rebuilt after a fire in 1624.

A must see in Oslo is Holmenkollen, a large ski jump arena.

The view from only part way up the ski jump.

A little friend we found at the ski jump!

And finally a street view of Oslo.

Hope you have enjoyed this little visit to Oslo, lots of cruise highlights still to come.

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Deanna said...

These photos are amazing Rosanne and your new little friends makes you look very tall! ;)