Friday, September 02, 2011


It's time for another trip post!

Although I liked everywhere we visited I was particularly enthralled with Frederiksborg located about 1 hour by train outside Copenhagan.

It is the largest Renaissance palace in Scandinavia.

The oldest parts of the castle date back to 1560, and were built by King Frederick II, after whom the palace is named.

Most of the current palace was built from 1602 to 1620 by Christian IV and follows the Dutch style favoured by Christian IV for his new buildings in Copenhagen.

After Christian IV's death in 1648, the palace was used mainly for ceremonial events

The castle features heavily ornamented doors.

And balconies.

An amazing chapel.

Ornate window accents.

Amazing plaster sculptures, yes the curtains and cherubs are plaster.

Expansive grand ballrooms.

A moat.

Highly detailed ceilings.

Baroque gardens.

Detailed brickwork.

I could go on and on in sharing photos from this gorgeous castle but will stop here as I think you get the idea.

More trip posts to come soon!


Judy B said...

Absolutely stunning pictures and such beautiful spaces!

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Amazing!! (the new


Rosemary said...

I can certainly see why you liked it ...really amazing ......