Sunday, February 08, 2009


The third stop of our cruise was St.Maarten, one of my favourites. I like that in Philipsburg there is one palm-lined main shopping street. It's just in one block from the beach boardwalk. The beach boardwalk is lined with bars on one side and the other has lots of loungers just waiting for you to sink into!

In the morning we shopped a bit, then took the water taxi back to the ship. The ship was docked about a 15 minute walk from the shopping area but is about 5 minutes away by water taxi.

After lunch we headed to Orient Bay beach, on the French side of the island. Here the beach is on the Atlantic and the girls loved jumping the waves. The waves were quite strong sucking the sand up into the water. The girls learned to keep their mouths firmly shut to avoid the taste of salt water but their hair ended up coated in sand! Brittany also wore a t-shirt to avoid sunburn, a hazard of her reddish hair and fair skin.


Lorraine Robertson said...

What super pics & you are making us all so jealous...

Lorraine xxx

Rosemary said...

You have made me want to jump on a plane right now and head to the islands.
The main street shot with the palm trees captures the flavour of Philipsburg.
I am now worried about Brittany , crossed the line and in the danger zone. Oh No!
The girls look like they were having so much fun in the surf.
Great holiday no doubt!

Sherry said...

Looks beautiful Anne!