Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Fun Slideshows

......featuring other miscellaneous photos from our cruise.

This first is of car license plates at almost all the islands we visited. We didn't get one from St.Thomas/St.Johns.

The second is a few photos showing the elaborate melon carvings featured at the buffet. Isn't the guy with glasses cool?!

And the last is of some of the towel animals that greeted us each evening in our room. My favourite is the monkey!


Sherry said...

Haha, very cute!

The one, not sure what it is - almost looks like a turkey!! - Almost looks obscene too!!!

But, very fun!!!

Rosemary said...

Brought a smile to me trying to figure out if the sunglass one is an elephant or something else. LOL
What amazing carving of melons.The one with the eyeglasses and black hair, so well done.
The license plate of Aruba , one happy island so makes me want to visit there.

Judy B said...

These were so much fun to look at...Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

:O gramma what do you think the elephant is?? :P