Sunday, December 07, 2008

Poinsettias - A Christmas Tradition

Every year Steve gets me a couple of poinsettias from our favourite greenhouse, Belgian Nurseries. You could say that its a tradition! This year I went a long to get some pics of the poinsettias in mass.

They now come in so many colours and variations.

I picked a pot with three colours for our front hall.

And a darker coloured one for the family room.

Here's a couple of close ups.

What kind traditions do you enjoy every Christmas?


Stephanie said...

I really like the three color combination. Our Christmas traditions include decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving and hanging up our stockings. We also have a village that I like to put out. The problem is we recently moved and most of our decorations are still in boxes. At lest our tree is up, but I couldn't find all of the ornaments.

Isobel said...

Your poinsettias look so pretty!
Here I love to hang the stokings. This year, it has been even nicer to see them together as we have one for our little one when he comes as well. ;)
Take care.x