Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A New Favourite

I picked up this tea at the grocery store because I liked the idea of candy cane tea, that its made with green tea is a healthful bonus. I must admit I wasn't sure about it because I don't really like green tea all that much. Although I think I should, kind of like how I think I should like polenta but don't, anyway I digress.

But I do like this tea. The primary flavourings of peppermint and vanilla come together nicely leaving no green tea aftertaste. And Steve a regular green tea drinker also like this tea.

So if you're looking for a seasonal decaf tea, this may be the one!

Have a great day! Photobucket


Rosemary said...

Good tip!

Suzanne said...

How funny! I just found this one too! I LOVE it! And I can't find it ANYWHERE around here! :( I'm going to have to order it online just so I can enjoy it.... Any other flavors you might suggest? ;)