Friday, September 26, 2008

Vintage Look Aprons

I recently purchased this apron pattern after seeing it featured on the Apronista blog.

My Grandma agreed to sew one up for me, so she and I made a trip to Port Huron to pick out fabric. I picked a vintage-look cherry print for me and then couldn't resist the cupcake pattern to make one for my baker, Brianne. And Grandma had some other cute fabric to make one for Brittany too! Thanks Grandma!

The girls and I had fun modelling them!


Anonymous said...

Rosanne, they're really nice and it looks like you girls had fun modelling them too!

Anonymous said...

You all look great!!!
Love the aprons.
Auntie D

Holly said...

work it ladies! :)

Sheri said...

Cute aprons and so are the girls modeling them!!

Rosemary said...

aprons look so good

MaryAnn said...

Love the aprons...reminds me of my grandmother and my mother had some like that too!