Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brianne and Brock!

We celebrated my daughter Brianne and my nephew Brock birthdays yesterday.

Brianne turned 17!

(That's me in my vintage look apron my Grandmother made me, love it and will be showing all 3 aprons she made in another post!)

And Brock turned 15!

I like how the cake shows up in this pic.

We had a great day with lots of laughter!

Although I think this photo says read my lips!

And if that doesn't work, how about this hand gesture?

Of course all the food was yummy(thanks everyone!) and I tried a great new salad recipe, really the most wonderful salad ever( not too modest eh? but it was that good!)! Will post about it soon.


Anonymous said...

Nothing better than family eh? I loved the long candles.



Rosemary said...

Great time ! Lots of fun, lots of laughs! As usual you did a great job as hostess with the mostess!