Saturday, February 09, 2008

Panama Cruise

I'm finally scrapbooking some pictures from our 2006 Panama Canal Cruise! And true to my New Year's resolution I'm not going to post the layouts until I add the journalling. But I do have a few layouts that will not require journalling and here's a couple:

I've really been enjoying using Scenic Route papers with these photos.

Scrapping these photos does bring back memories, we had a lovely time on this cruise. The train ride took us from the Atlantic side to the Pacific side of Panama and was a great way to see the natural landscape.


traciejane said...

Wow these are great :-)

R said...

noticed your top 50 scrap blog icon and the number 208 . Are you now rated? if so good on ya.

Cruises Australia said...

Wow, the image of the cruise ship in the panama canal is awesome!