Sunday, February 10, 2008

Brianne Baked

and baked and baked!

Yes,Brianne was in a baking mood this weekend. Partly because her Gramma sent her the links to a few good websites with lots of yummy recipes but also because she really likes to bake. I think its in her genes. Her Great-Great-Grandma on my Mom's side was a cook and baker for a wealthy London, Ontario family. And the love of baking was passed from her to my Mom to Brianne.

First up were Raspberry Nanaimo Squares. Brianne patiently prepared the base, then the middle and finally the top to produce some really yummy bars.

Next was chocolate banana cupcakes. It you like banana bread then you'll definitely like these!

Then there were Frosted Banana Cookies that are quite good. I'm not a big banana bread fan and I do like these.

Second to last were Be My Valentine Cookies with the surprising ingredients of cream cheese and peppermint extract. They are very good. And once again Brianne patiently made the dough last night, let it chill, then rolled it out, cut out the cookies then finally dipped them in chocolate.

And finally was Chocolate Strawberry Torte, a very ambitious four layer cake. I helped Brianne to cut the cake layers in half and offered a bit of advice on putting it together but other than that she made it all herself and it turned out to be an excellent cake!


R said...

WOW Brianne you really baked up a storm!
Love the look of all, the heart shaped cookies look so professional, so do the bars and best of all, the yummy looking chocolate strawberry cake with the nicely cut strawberries.
The banana cookies and muffins look delicious.

Holly said...

wow - my mouth is watering!! :)

Liz said...

Wow! She is a regular pastry chef! I'm impressed.I thought I was hot stuff when I mastered my mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe. :)

~Nancy~ said...

Yum yum yum.. that looks delicious! WOW!!!!!!! (makes me hungry..and it's not even 9Am overhere.. whahaha)

Hendria said...

Great Job Brianne...Everything looks so good. :)

Ravenhill said...

That cake looks so incredible!!!