Monday, February 26, 2007

Brunch Photos

Here's the brunch photos taken at my sister's this past weekend. We had lots of good food, some wine and the kids tobogganed and played air hockey!The cousins really enjoy getting together.

On another note, my brother-in-law, Willie, said I could expect a letter from his lawyer if I posted his picture without his permission. Well, I've posted his pic so I'll wait for the lawyer's letter! When I get it I'll post it too! LOL!


Williams family said...

Hey Annie

Great posts & pics!!
I haven't been here, well, not in that long I thought, but you've done alot since I have been here.

Looks like so much fun!

I will have to try it one day - have made the blog but have put nothing on it!

Love Sherry

Rosemary said...

Good pics and lots of fun that day Love Mom