Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Visit to the Spa........I mean Dentist!

The girls and I visited the spa yesterday....wait a minute, no it was the dentist!

Our dentist has designed his practice into a spa like setting so its no wonder I'm confused! When you walk into the reception area you are greeted by the smell of scented candles. The receptionist takes your coat and offers you complimentary gourmet coffee or flavoured water while you wait in the designer leather(think Neinkamper) chairs. Beside you, enclosed in an aquarium, is a large reef with a little nemo swimming soothingly around.

Then you're taken into state of art examination rooms with state of the art chairs all with satellite tv and the channel of your choice. And before you get started you are offered a complimentary hand wax. So I took off my rings which were put into jewelery cleaner, used my choice of hand lotion(I choose lavender), then dipped each hand into the wonderfully warm parafin wax. Each hand is then put into a plastic bag then terry mitts and left like that while your teeth are cleaned. ( Wait a minute maybe they do that so you don't grab the technician when she gets too close the gum line ........ah no, I'm spoiling the image now).

And the best part of yesterday's appointment is that none of us had cavities.