Sunday, January 14, 2007

My New Favourite Restaurant!

Usually two or three times a year we try a new restaurant with our friends Charmian and Hong. Last night we went to a restaurant in Cambridge called Lily Ruth(its named after the owner's Grandmother). The food was amazing, good size portions, beautifully presented and everything tasted yummy! So for dinner I had the house salad which had a light vinagrette, pinenuts and bit of goat cheese. I also had a lemon infused cheese and tomato spread for crisp toasts. It was presented in a hollowed out lemon with balsamic vinagrette. My main course was a stuffed pork tenderloin with a variety of veggies(snap peas, lighly breaded okra, baby carrots) and garlic mashed potatoes. I had to share with Steve because there was way more than I could eat. Steve had carrot ginger soup, thai shrimp and talapi with rice. Then for dessert,we shared our favourite, creme brulee! I also tried this great cocktail, peach and apricot juice with champagne, it was really good. And Steve had a couple of glasses of red wine. They bring in a select few, so he had a glass of merlot, which I tasted and thought was good(no after taste), and cabernet. I will definitely go back! They have wine and tapas pairing nights which sound very interesting. Maybe we'll try one of those.


Cherie Nymeyer said...

Ya know...I live just down the street from Lily Ruth and I've yet to eat there.

Karen said...

Yumm!! Sounds good Rosanne. I think it is a must try!!