Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trying to run errands

Sometimes things just don't go my way. I was late leaving work tonight but wanted to stop and mail a package then drop a couple of things off at the dry cleaner. Well, I arrived at the post office behind a couple with two grocery carts full of large packages to mail(must be sellers on ebay!)! I think it was going to take an hour for them all to be weighed with the postage determined! And since there was only one person working, I decided to leave there and go to the dry cleaner. At the dry cleaner I wanted to use the $5 off coupon but the person there was new, didn't know how to use the till to properly apply the discount and the people she telephoned for help weren't answering. So after about 15 minutes of trying, she just took the discount manually off my receipt. Then I came home to find out that Brianne will need to see a plastic surgeon to make sure there is no tendon damage in the finger she fractured last week while playing goal in her soccer league. But on the bright side, Steve had dinner ready! Hopefully I'll get the package mailed tomorrow!

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Holly said...

Oh my -- one thing after another! I totally understand!!!