Sunday, September 22, 2013

Garden Party Menu

Finally here is my much delayed post with highlights of some of the foods I served at my garden party. I don't have as many photos of the food and drinks as I would like as I left the photography to my husband

First up, my husband purchased these wonderful cupcakes from a local cake shop called The Cakebox.This photo shows only a small selection of them.

My Mom made these traditional sandwiches and a yummy cucumber sandwich too!

I made several drinks including a mint lemonade, white wine sangria, red wine sangria and a sparkling strawberry lemonade.

I tried one of the hottest recipes out there right now, a fruit salsa with baked cinnamon pita chips.  This was absolutely amazing and would encourage you to try it.  There are lots of recipes out there all of which I am sure are yummy but I followed the recipe at AllRecipes here.

I also made Cupcake Bites, sample photo below from Bakerella and recipe  featured here, and although they are a bit time consuming to they always go over extremely well.

Next I dipped rice crispies to create rice crispie pops, this was completely copied from this Pinterest photo below.

And as featured at Iowa girl, I made  these Caprese Bites.  If you like tomatoes,  you'll love these.

The menu also featured veggies/dip, chocolate chip cookies(my sister's specialty), strawberry salsa, and yummy scones made by my Mom  served with cream/jam.

It was such fun to try new recipes and remake old favourites!


JanR said...

Great, now I'm hungry. And whatever I eat is going to fall so short of my mouth's expectation now that's it has seen the photos of this food that I almost feel sorry for it. :-)

Seriously, it all looks amazingly delicious.

Rosemary said...

It was all so good

Deanna said...

It was all amazing! You got some great photos too! :)