Thursday, June 13, 2013

Local Highlight - Barrie's Asparagus Farm

One of my favourite things to do is explore local attractions, shops,farms etc.

And I'm going to try to regularly feature them on my blog.

So today I'm featuring Barrie's Asparagus Farm.

Asparagus is a vegetable I grew into as I did not like it as a child.

But really asparagus fresh from the farm is so yummy!

Barrie's is a fourth generation farm established in 1892.

They harvest fresh asparagus from May to July and while much of it is sold fresh, they offer many other asparagus themed products from asparagus flour, tortilla chips, pasta, salsa, relish and more.

They also have other fresh produce including rhubarb,corn, pumpkins, eggs, honey all from nearby farms. And I hear their butter tarts are quite good too!

Barrie's is quite active on Facebook here and has a great website too. They are open year round.

In fact, I think I'll make a trip there this weekend for another feed of asparagus.

And stay tuned for a great stir fry recipe I found using asparagus.


Rosemary said...

Yum love asparagus.... looks like a nice place.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Roseanne for the tip! I will have to make a visit there soon..,

Deanna said...

So kewl!