Saturday, June 16, 2012

St. John's, Newfoundland

Steve was in St.John's for a few days last week and enjoyed some wonderful weather while he was there.

The colourful houses look fabulous in the bright sunshine. And see the painter?

And he had a chance to go up to Signal Hill to take in the views.

St.John's as seen from Signal Hill.

And finally the Cabot Tower which on December 12, 1901, stood witness to possibly the most important accomplishment in modern communications - the reception of the first wireless transatlantic signal by Guglielmo Marconi from his Poldhu Wireless Station, in Cornwall, England. A Marconi Wireless Station operated on the second floor of Cabot Tower for many years afterward. In fact, in 1920 one of the first wireless transatlantic transmissions of the human voice was made there. Men at the wireless station were able to talk with the steamship Victoria which was steaming out of England. The station operated until around 1960.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of St. John's!


Avril Tanner said...

Looks just gorgeous! I am sure he enjoyed the trip!

Rosemary said...

Love the views of St John weather looks great!

Deanna said...

It is truely beautiful there... can you believe I have never been?

Jeannie said...

The East coast is simply beautiful, peaceful and the people are wonderful. I loved Nova Scotia.