Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, Olympics, Movies

Happy Friday!

We woke up to more snow this morning, we've had more snow this week than in the rest of the winter combined!

And Steve happened to stay in Toronto last night so I got the pleasure of shovelling this morning! Oh well, I figure that's my workout today instead of Curves.

Did you stay up to watch the ladies skate last night? I did, the last flight of women were so good and I was so glad to see Joannie win bronze, she showed so much courage. But thank goodness the Olympics are almost over, I need some sleep, lol! And I have to get caught up on Survivor(will watch it today), 24, Amazing Race and American Idol too(I know, such priorities I have!).

And soon it will be Oscar night! Do many of you follow the Oscars? I do but every year its about 2 weeks before they are to be awarded and I have a list of movies I still want to see.

Of the movies nominated in various categories, and that I've seen, here's my thoughts:

Up In The Air - liked it but best picture? I don't think so.
Avatar - again I liked it but I don't think its worthy of best picture, the effects are really good though
The Blind Side - love Sandra Bullock in this
Julie and Julia - liked this movie, Meryl Streep has such a way of making you forget she's Meryl Streep when you watch her
Nine - kind of an odd movie, I liked the musical numbers and, like Meryl, Daniel Day Lewis makes you forget he's Daniel Day Lewis
Up - such a sweet story, I liked it
Sherlock Holmes - who doesn't like Robert Downey and Jude Law?
Young Victoria - I've always had an interest in royalty, the manipulations and politics are so intriguing( I'm also thinking of the Tudors here.)
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince - you just have to like these movies
Star Trek - loved it

So the list of nominated movies I haven't seen but sound intriguing is shorter than I thought:
District 9
The Hurt Locker
Inglorious Bastards-Steve(who has seen thi sone)says its is pretty farfetched
Precious - I know this is supposed to be good but the story line doesn't appeal to me

I think I'll try to watch The Hurt Locker before Oscar night, is there any other one you think is a must see?


pinkglitterfae said...

I will be shoveling out my driveway tonight too, lol! Yes, how strange to go all winter without major snow, then it get it in one week, lol! the weather is very strange this year!
It sure is pretty out there though...
I watched the ladies skate too, and was so happy for Joannie! I watched curling, hockey, moguls, lol! it is fun though, we had a slow start, and now are picking up speed (and medals)
I'm behind on my movie watching this year so have only seen Avatar. We need more hours in the day, lol!


Avril Tanner said...

I think we have had enough snow... I want the nice weather back! At least Wayne is letting me park in the shop right now! LOL!

Rosemary said...

I too was shovelling this morning tho it wasn't too bad amount. Now fine rain in air.
I too want to see the Hurt Locker before Oscar I think Avatar as much as I liked it won't get many awards.

Rosemary said...

PS not missing much on AI so far.
Loved the skating and the hockey. I am just happy I am retired so I can stay up and watch all the action. Women certainly are ruling this O's.

Susan said...

I've only seen The HP movie and Star trek...I want to see Sherlock holmes, the Hurt locker and the Blindside.

I was sooo happy johannie medaled and I also was rooting for the South Korean to win, as she is soooo pressured, and it was gold...she made history last night...first figure skating ,medal at all for that country, she is female, it was gold, and she broke the world record to boot!
Our girls were great, but they are young and there will be many more Olympics in their future!

we are in the middle of our third blizzard this month!! so, I am not talking about snow...but you should come read mys now related posts, and especially the story of the snow blower, LOL...I also have a post that is just chock full of other blogs with blog candy right now.

Be well & Be warm!