Saturday, April 18, 2009

What I'm Reading

Not only do I come from a family of crafters but also from a family of readers.
Although some of us read more often than others and have passed along a huge stack(or several)of books to me to read!

I am currently reading this book:

I love the intrigue and history of Steve Berry's books. I wonder when they will be made into movies?

And I did just finish reading these two books:

Hmm, speaking of intrigue King Henry's court myabe helped to define that word! And I understand that this book will be a movie soon!

And I love this series of books by J.D.Robb(also known as Nora Roberts).

What are you reading?


Holly said...

I have Mercy by Jodi Picoult on my night-table but I haven't picked it up in a few weeks. MUST get back to it.

Rosemary said...

I am reading Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson, very good mystery.

Hendria said...

I am reading "What would Google do?" by Jeff Jarvis

Just got it today.. :)

Stephanie said...

I am reading the Lost City of Z by David Grann.

Rosanne said...

Thanks for sharing ladies! More books for me to check out! LOL

Joanne said...

I was on a great reading kick for a while and then got busy with other things! I am still trying to finish up a book I started during Lent - He Chose The Nails by Max Lucado.