Monday, January 12, 2009

This Past Weekend!

Whew!! It was a busy weekend. After not feeling well towards the end of the week, I rebounded after taking my vitamins, echinacea and getting some extra rest. So Friday night I scrapped, then Saturday started the task of cleaning out my and the girls closets! Seven, yes seven, garbage bags later, we finished on Sunday! I was very ruthless in the clean out, all my too big clothes( except for one pair of pants to do an after pic with) and items not worn in the past year or so are gone!

But Saturday night I took some time out. Steve, Britt and I revisited the Japanese Restaurant we went to about a year ago. And I'm happy to report that it was just as good!

Steve had this fresh red snapper.

And we enjoyed piping hot spring rolls.

Then some vegetable sushi.

Steve had salmon teriyaki, piping hot and sizzling on the table.

While Britt and I each had chicken teriyaki! And yes that is the steam you see in the pic.

All this was accompanied by green tea.

It was so good, we'll definitely go back again!

Then when we came home, Britt and I watched Sense and Sensibility, she loves to watch Jane Austen movies and thinks she'd enjoy reading the books too. We'll have to get one for her to see what she thinks.

And on Sunday evening, Steve and I watched the season premiere of 24! It was excellent, I couldn't believe Tony was back! Will be watching again tomorrow night for sure!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!


Rosemary said...

Smart girl to take some vitamins, Wow 7 bags! bet it feels good to purge the closets and get them organized.
Sounds like a very busy weekend with a delightful dinner and fun time spent with the family. Great winter weekend.
24 was very good, Jack and Tony back!

Holly said...

Looks YUMMY!
(crap, I have 24 on the PVR!! glad that's all you put!! hahaha)

Stephanie said...

I am watching Becoming Jane right now.