Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas Thank You

This is a bit overdue but nonetheless, this is my thank you to everyone for their very lovely Christmas gifts! I think you all know who you are! And I thought I'd share some of those gifts below, hope you'll all indulge me.Photobucket

This photo shows a gorgeous Portmeirion lidded casserole from Steve, mugs from the girls, tea, ornament and candle holder (more on that later) from Kathryn. Each of these items are very 'Rosanne'. I'm so lucky to have friends and family who know me so well .

Mom got me these crystal Christmas tree salt and pepper shakers .

While shopping in Stratford, Kathryn and I saw these candles holders with pretty designs and sayings on them.

She got me the one we saw together and I got her a very similar one I found later, lol!

A Brie baker(brie and carmelized onion warmed together is so yummy!) also from Kathryn, snowflake silverware from my sister and books by my favourite authors from Steve. And remember the Match Game, Santa got me a fun DVD game based on the TV game show.

Another set of candleholders with a snowflake border punch and black and white bird print umbrella in the background.

And finally a chandelier pendant I admired in Stratford. Kathryn picked it up for Steve to give me, isn't he lucky (or may be I am Photobucket) to have a personal shopper.

I was definitely very spoiled! Thanks to everyone again.Photobucket


laura said...

Such lovely presents...I think your mom picked the prettiest little trees!

lani said...

The Brie bakerismy personal favorite..yummie in the tummy...lani

Simone said...

Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year

Rosemary said...

quite the haul