Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stratford Shopping

For the past four years, Kathryn and I have made it a point to go shop in Stratford prior to Christmas. Stratford is renowned for its Shakespeare Festival and as a result its downtown has wonderful shops and restaurants that cater to theatre goers.

But in November, the locals have the stores all to themselves. As we live a half hour away I wonder if that makes us local?

Anyway, we travelled to Stratford this past Friday afternoon and evening braving the snowsquall that dumped about 6 inches of snow on us while we were there.

The interesting thing was that as we travelled home, the snow progressively became less and less. There was just a light dusting at home. Downtown Stratford even had significantly more snow than the eastern edge of Stratford.

Here's some photos from the stores we visited.

First up was Cozyns, a garden and decor center, where all the Christmas tree photos were taken. The trees looked much more impressive than they appear in the pictures.

Next stop was Rheo Thompson, an excellent chocolate store and home to their fabulous mint smoothies(little squares of mint flavoured chocolate that melt slowly in your mouth, so good!).

I took a picture of this display as I thought the little pails full of chocolate balls would make a fun place setting treat.

Isn't this display in wicker baskets lovely?

Third was Delea's, a card and gift store that always has some unique items and beautiful cards. I was strong though and didn't buy any cards since I have made a few already and plan to make more!

Then we headed to Family and Company, an old-fashioned style toy store that is one of my favourite stores ever! They have such wonderful toys that you can try in the store, enthusiastic sales staff, complimentary gift wrap(and apple cider while you wait) and excellent store window dispays.

In these photos you can see how heavily it was snowing, big fluffy, wet flakes that truly make you think Christmas! This snowman actually bounced around in its display, so fun!

And finally Bradshaws, a gift, china, crystal, home decor and kitchen store that has many unique items.

They are always on top of current trends which this year has to be glitter! We saw glittered items like these trees everywhere!

And yes its a large store!

Then before we headed home, we had a nice dinner at Down The Street Cafe, where we enjoyed some wonderful salads, frites with garlic mayonnaise and creme brulee for dessert!


Rosemary said...

What a wonderful day, makes one feel Christmasy just looking at the shops and
festive decor. Great photos of the toy store with snow falling.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you had such a great time....everything looks so wonderful and inviting....It would be easy to shop for everyone on one street there!! You even had 'ready made' snow!!

Hendria said...

Stratford is a wonderful place. We went there last weekend to take pictures and go to Rio Thompson Chocolate. Have you been there?? The chocolate amazing.