Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gift Card Holders

Well, I'm back! I do feel like I've neglected my blog, its been 4 days since my last post!

And its been a busy 4 days.

Thursday night Brianne and I went to see The Duchess, we love period films and enjoyed this one very much.

Friday I went shopping in Buffalo with friends, didn't buy very much having just spent last weekend shopping but it was a fun day! There was no wait going into the US, my smoothest border crossing ever, then coming back we hit a border guard who was also a stand up(ok, he was sitting) comedian. He was so funny and gave us break from paying taxes. Charlene, our big spender, sure lucked out there!

Then Saturday, after our hot tub was delivered, we went on a house tour of 5 homes decorated for Christmas with proceeds to benefit a local cancer support centre. We were not allowed to take pictures but I did take notes of some ideas so that I can use them later. There were lots of bronze and copper coloured decorations. Some of the ideas I liked best were the simplest, a cedar bow tucked strategically here and there was so pretty, as was a tray filled with seasonal potpourri, pine cones and ornaments. I also loved a display of large outdoor grapevine stars wrapped in twinkle lights and positioned in a wooded backyard. I'm sure they look gorgeous at night and I'm hoping to try this idea. We then had a potluck dinner at a friends house and played a competitive game of gin rummy! I didn't win ;( .

Today was spent getting housework and laundry done although I did take the time to relax and browse through a couple of seasonal magazines. Tonight its Amazing Race and Dexter on tv before bed and the beginning of another work week. Fortunately, this week looks to be a little less busy than last so I'll definitely be posting my design work. And hopefully participating in a couple of card challenges too!

You will have noticed that the pictures throughout this post have nothing to do with what I've written. They are pictures of a couple more gift card holders I made using templates I found on the internet and the last of my Daisy Bucket paper scraps. I think they would make great tree decorations too!


candy said...

wow, what website for the template?
Those colors are amazing! Nice job!!


Stephanie said...

I love, love, love the gift card holders.

Rosemary said...

Does sound like a very busy week.Bet you are looking forward to some time at home. Too bad could not take pictures of the house tour but bet you will do some of the things you have seen in your home.
Nice gift tags.Snowfake one is so pretty.I see by twitter you have snow , none here yet. Snow in the air but none on ground tho we had a power outage for 2 hours Sunday morning.

Adrienne said...

Those are too cute! :D I love em!

Rosanne said...

Thanks for the nice comments,here's a link to the templates I used: