Friday, July 04, 2008

Images from Our Garden

Have I ever mentioned that I live in the middle of a field of lavender? No? Well that's good because I don't but this picture makes me wish I did. We have a hot dry garden beside our driveway where the lavender thrives.

And we've put in a few asian lilies in the middle of the lavender.

Outside our kitchen door is my herb pot with some sweet peas and nasturiums too.

A daylily with more in the background.

A flower which we( OK, Steve) can't remember the name for, Mom, what's this called?

One of our clematis( is the plural clemati?), I love the look of the buds just waiting to open.

Our neighbour's tree which is so loaded with scented blooms it droops down over the fence. Anyone know what this tree is called? We may have to take out a pine and perhaps I could replace it with this, I love the scent.

And another view against the blue sky.

The cyperus is flourishing in this pot. I love how it looks, such an unusual shape.

I'll post some more garden images in a fews days, the perennials have been doing well this year(but we won't mention the weeds!)

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Rosemary said...

Your garden looks full of colour.
The blue flower is either perennial cornflower or clustered bellflower. I think the tree is Fringe tree .