Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Canada Day Happenings

Canada Day was a beautiful sunny day that we enjoyed to the fullest.

While Steve was golfing, Brittany and I went to the market for more strawberries(yep, I'm making more Strawberry soup!). She found this cute Canadian Beanie named Chinook.
Then we came home and I lounged in the sun on my new lounger reading these.

I took a picture of this lovely rose I got at the market on Saturday, its such an unusual colour.

Then we went for a bit of a drive and took a few pics of an old stone bridge.

While on our drive we saw a wagon completely planted with flowers and I had to take a picture to share. Isn't it amazing?

Then we came home and I made the most awesome egg salad (inspired by the Marths Stewart mag I read earlier in the day) for supper but no pictures.

And finally we headed to a local University campus where they have a wonderful fireworks show every July 1.

How did you spend Canada Day?


Ann said...

What a nice day you had...and such a charming wagon. And a cute beanie too.

Rosemary said...

Nice day love the pic of the bridge and wagon.

Hendria said...

Love the wagon photo...the stone bridge is it in Cambridge??