Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tofino Wildlife

Between Tofino and Ucluelet, is the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, home to varied wildlife. So one morning we got up to go bear watching at 7 am. Thank goodness we saw some bears! We took a 45 minute boat ride along the inland coast to a more desolate area where the bears come out to forage along the shore a low tide. The cubs we saw were very cute, horsing around and climbing trees. We also saw sea lions(lots) and bald eagles. Then we arrived back just in time to go on our whale watching excursion. This was another 45 minute boat ride in the open ocean and fortunately we saw a grey whale. Then we got news of an unusual school of white sided dolphins about 5 miles out from shore. So we took a chance that we would arrive in time to see them and away we went. We did see them and there were hundreds! The water was churning with dolphins and there were of couple of orca whales too. It was the sight of a life time!

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