Monday, July 09, 2007

Sherkston Shores 2007

This weekend we spent camping at Sherkston Shores on Lake Erie with my sister and her family, husband Willie and sons Brock and Brayden. They were there earlier in the week so when we joined them we simply unloaded a bit of food, set up the tent and were ready to go. We did have some fun setting up the tent in a bit of shower. We did things a bit backwards by getting the fly on before staking the tent and praying a big gust of wind didn't catch the tent while we were all holding it down! And just to be clear I am a fair weather and RV kind of camper. No sleeping in tents for me(except at Kin kamp and then only because my family forces me!)So while the kids slept in the tent, the adults slept comfortably in the RV!

Friday evening we took it easy with a few drinks and a late campfire with smores!

Saturday after a bacon and egg breakfast we headed down to the beach. This beach is one of the few that let you drive your cars on so a lot of people launch their seadoos straight from the beach! There was a brisk breeze that created some nice waves and kept us cool. Unfortunately, the breeze was a bit deceiving and I got sunburned! The kids had a great time on their boogie boards and playing frisbee. We had a mid-afternoon lunch back at the trailer then headed to the pool for a bit before dinner. That evening we enjoyed another campfire and smores. Sherry and the boys played a game of pick up the increasingly smaller paper bag from the ground using only their lips which made for some interesting pictures and a lot of laughs! The park also puts on an awesome fireworks show at 10 pm every Saturday night was really good.

Sunday morning was overcast and a bit threatening so we took down the tent before heading to the beach. The wind was stronger and the kids enjoyed the even larger waves until security came to advise everyone to leave the water due to the undertow. It was strong enough to pick up the sand in the waves! The kids still had at least 45 minutes of good body surfing though. So then we had lunch, packed up and headed home the back way following the Grand River up from Dunnville.

Here's a slide show with just a few of the pics Steve took!

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Rosemary said...

Looks like a great few days. love the rollers on the lake so much fun to swim in.Did the pick up truck get stuck?
The pics of the game look very funny, unusual positions.