Thursday, July 26, 2007

Family Jewels

I think Mom blogged about this show awhile back but I've just recently been watching more of these shows and they are funny! Gene Simmons Family Jewels is really a cute show. Yes Gene has an ego and in public maintains his rockstar, womanizing persona who is definitely out to make bucks(but who can blame him as the son of a single parent who survived the holocaust). But at home he's a typical father to two teenagers. How proud he is of his children is evident in every show even when his son is making a joke at his expense. And speaking of his son, Nick, he's tall, dark and way better looking than his father(although when his Dad gets that Demon make up on look out!). His partner of 23 years Shannon Tweed is clearly the one who runs the house. And his daughter Sophie challenges Gene at evey opportunity. They appear to be a well adjusted family who tease each other but clearly love each other. One of my favourite episodes is when the family goes camping in a camper painted with an ad for Endure Rx, its hilarious!

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