Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Elizabeth I

For some reason I've always been fascinated by the Royal European families. I like to think its beacuse I was a member of one in a prior life( as if!!).
Anyway, as mentioned in a prior post I rented the HBO film of Elizabeth I and I thoroughly enjoyed it!!(I watched it with an intermission of Amazing Race, can you believe Rob and Amber are out!)Its detailed without being too long and starts a few years into her almost 45 year reign. Its interesting to think how she(as other monarchs) had to continuously fight to maintain their position and could never trust anyone.
Here's a link to the film website in case you want to check out:


Rosemary said...

I too was surprised about R and A but happy too. I did not get to see the whole show just the last few minutes darn it!
I do think you were Royalty in a previous life LOL

Rosanne said...

Nah, I was probably a peasant!