Sunday, December 17, 2006

Joys of the Season

A couple of the many pleasures of the Christmas season is visiting with friends and baking.
This weekend we went to Vineland Estates Winery for a wonderful lunch with our friends Kathryn and Dave. Then on Sunday, we visited with John, Dana and their children Cole and Jaiden. It was a great opportunity to catch up with each other, relax and maybe have a drink or two!

I also finished up the Christmas baking this weekend. Tried out a couple of new recipes as well as the old stand-bys. Of the three new recipes I tried,the brownies turned out well, the macaroons stuck to the pan and the fudge didn't quite set properly!!

Brianne and Brittany made sugar cookies that look and taste excellent!

I also have had a recipe for ages that is a cheese ball shaped into a snow man.
I tried it out and I think it turned out great!

So now its time to finish wrapping the Christmas presents!

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