Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back From Texas Y'all!

Well, we're back from our five day trip to Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Steve had a conference in Austin and as I have always wanted to see the Riverwalk in San Antonio, this was my opportunity. I've added some of my favourite pictures from Texas to my slide show. They include pics of the State Capitol in Austin(taller than the White House!), some spanish missions, the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and a water tower from Gruene(pronounced Green). It was warm when we arrived in Texas, 75F then dropped to half that! It was their first cold snap of the year! But we still enjoyed touring Austin, San Antonio, the missions and the little towns in between. And it was warmer than here!
We also had the apportunity to try out some great restaurants and a couple of my favourites were Threadgills and Chuys. They both have great websites at www.threadgills.com and www.chuys.com. Threadgills is more southern homecooking with a great pecan pie(so Steve says) and Chuys is Tex-Mex. We tried some other Tex-Mex places but I did like Chuys the best!
The Riverwalk was decorated with twinkling christmas lights and was a great place to be on a Friday night with all the people, patios with gas warmers and blanket ponchos as well as school kids singing carols from the boats that cruised along the river!
All the people we met were very friendly and very proud of their state. In the state capitol even the light bulbs in the chandeliers are arranged to spell Texas! I found that the men were very gentlemanly, letting the women on and off the elevator first as well as always, and I mean always(!) holding open doors for women.

This trip was also the first time my luggage didn't arrive with me! But the airlines did get it to the hotel around 11:30 pm, I had arrived at 3:30 pm. On the way home, Steve used some upgrade tickets to get us seats in business class. So we flew in luxury from Dallas to Toronto and what a way to fly! I'd love to do that again!

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