Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Late September Blooms

I'm back today with late September blooms from my garden.

They are looking pretty good for this time of year even despite a few very cool nights.

The hydrangea is starting to show a bit of pink on the blooms.

The shrub rose is still blooming.

A mini-rose is loaded with buds.

The basil plant  looks the best it has all summer!

Fuschia and begonia are still blooming away!

The front urn has developed a nice shape from the various plants used although next year I think I will use something other than the potato vine.

All the geraniums are putting a great show.

I'll be back soon with my fall porch arrangement.

Thanks for stopping by!


Rosemary said...

Gardens are lovely great that the weather in October is so mild

Deanna said...

Late september? All mine died in August... lol!