Friday, August 30, 2013

Garden Party

As I mentioned in a prior post I recently celebrated a significant birthday.

And I debated on whether to let it go by relatively unnoticed or to embrace it. Ultimately I decided to embrace it with a garden party.

It was the perfect opportunity to make some of the decorations and foods I've seen on Pinterest.  I made doily bunting with twine, doilies and muffin cups, all purchased from the dollar store.  Then I sewed several doilies together to make a backdrop for the drink and sandwich table, all of which my husband patiently helped me to hang up.

I borrowed drink dispensers from friends and tried out some new sangria and drink recipes. I'll share the recipes in a future post.

The weather cooperated with a sunny,warm day, a switch from the cool, wet August we had been living through.

I got out all my white linens and decorated with fresh flowers from the market.

A closer look at one of the flower bouquets I created.

I would be remiss without thanking my husband, Mom, daughters and sister all who helped me with food prep and last minute set up.

It was a day I will thoroughly remember.

Future posts to come with recipes and the friends who helped me celebrate!


Jeannie said...

It looks so wonderful and I'm so sorry to have missed celebrating with you!

Avril Tanner said...

I have to say.. it was a perfect event! Totally decked out in Rosanne! Loved the day! Thanks for letting us help to celebrate! All the decorations were perfect and the food was unbelievable!

Regan said...

looks amazing.sorry I missed it

Rosemary said...

Was a wonderful day your touches made it a terrific event..those sangrias were good....

JanR said...

What a wonderful "table" you set, Rosanne! I'm sorry I had to miss it.

Brenda in Kit said...

It was a beautifully decorated decor birthday, expert looking touches from the flowers to the food...a lovely warm afternoon...nice to see everyone!

Deanna said...

You should be event planning Rosanne! It was amazing!