Saturday, July 06, 2013

New to the Garden This Year

Every year I like to try few new plants in the garden or containers, this year I found some interesting ones.

First is this plant, Anagallis, that is in our front urn and window box.  It is a beautiful blue colour that shows up nicely against the brick and black urn.

Second is burgandy oxalis also known as shamrock.  It makes a terrific contrast against the green potato vine.

Also in the following photo is Pinstripe Petunias, a very dark purple, almost black petunia with a thin whitish pinstripe.

Steve has purchased several new hostas this year with unique names ranging from Miss Linda Smith, Queen of the Seas, Empress Wu, Sum and Substance as well as Mouse Ears shown below.

Another interesting petunia, aptly called Phantom.

And finally Black Velvet Petunias.

Depending on how they perform in the garden this season these new plants may be back again next year!

What new plants have you tried this year?


Avril Tanner said...

They are all beautiful! hmmm... my new plants would consist of any new weed that decided to grow!

Rosemary said...

Nice choices. Love the blue anagallis. New in my garden a coral coneflower which I will show later in the season.

Dr. J said...

Stunning Rosanne! Love those hosta names btw and all the interesting petunias. We did petunias in our front pots for the first time this year and they are really flourishing (with all this rain how could they not!) And out back we put some coleus plants in our big planters and they are so huge!

Deanna said...

I want some of the Mouse Ear!

Jeannie said...

No new plants in my gardens ... just lots of daisies. But I believe I do have some new weeds growing in the gardens.