Friday, July 06, 2012

Spray Painted Letters

As mentioned in a prior post, here's the second of my recent diy projects that turned out exactly as I had hoped.

While she was in Florida, I asked Mom to find me some letters to spell the word EAT. She came home with some mdf letters with swirly ends, a style that I would have picked myself had I seen them.

I then spray painted them with two coats of black matte paint then hung them above one of the doors in our kitchen where they fit perfectly:

Hmmm, what project shall I do next?


Rosemary said...

They look great

Avril Tanner said...

Totally love how these turned out!

butterfly said...

I love these letters - the matt black is so cool, and the letter shapes are fab and funky... your Mom clearly has great taste as well as you! Thanks for dropping by at Words and Pictures too.
Alison x

Regan said...

nice one!!

Deanna said...

These turned out perfect Rosanne!