Sunday, April 29, 2012

On April 29th....

I'm currently

Listening/Watching Game of Thrones
Eating grapes, would rather be eating bonbons!
Drinking water, would rather be drinking wine!
Wearing comfy clothes.
Feeling a bit tired.
Weather - was beautiful day today, did some yard clean up.
Wanting to make a start on my sewing projects.
Needing a gardener, housekeeper, chef, personal trainer etc, lol
Thinking that there are just not enough hours in the weekend!
Enjoying the Southworks Antique market. I found a collection of grates there for a friend.

On Pinterest, I've seen them used as a luminaries with tealights or minilights inside.


Deanna said...

I probably drive you nuts when I do this but here it goes...

Listening / Watching - Hoarders
Eating - Nothing, who could eat during this show... it's discussing!
Drinking - Water, I am slightly dehydrated.
Wearing - Jeans & a hoodie!
Feeling - Awesome
Wanting - A lower back rub.
Needing - about 7 extra hours in the day and an extra day a week wouldn't hurt.
Thinking - Tomorrow is Monday :(
Enjoying - My kids right now... such a perfect age for both of them.

Let's do this next Sunday Rosanne and I will see you tomorrow for lunch. :)

Regan said...

was game of thrones NOT kick ass???

Jeannie said...

Ah, Game of Thrones - I'll have to start watching this. I finally got HBO.