Thursday, February 02, 2012

Resolution Reality Check

Well, it doesn't feel like I have made much progress on my resolutions so far.

On the organization front I have organized my ribbon and some scrapbook embellishments.

I finished knitting a dishcloth I've had on the go for a few months.

I did manage to participate in 4 card challenges in addition to Little Red Wagon.

And I am here updating progress on these resolutions.

So I guess I have accomplished something but I have really struggled with my motivation level this month and I'm not sure why.

What do you do when you need to give yourself a swift kick you know where?


Rosemary said...

Resolutions I don't make them any more I just try to finish projects one at a time ..... used to do more than one thing at a time multi tasking...... You sound like you have been getting thru yours!

Brenda in Kit said...

I make lists.
Then.......if I hapen to finish something which isn't even on the list, I write it down too....and stroke it off as if it had been there right from the beginning...make me feel pretty good!!

Deanna said...