Friday, October 21, 2011

Saint Petersburg, Russia!

Although not our last port of call, I have been saving Saint Petersburg for last as it was such an amazing stop.

Saint Petersburg was founded by Tsar Peter the Great in 1703. From 1713 to 1728 and from 1732 to 1918, Saint Petersburg was the Imperial capital of Russia. It is Russia's second largest city after Moscow.

Here I am across the Neva River from the Winter Palace/Hermitage.

There was not a lot of english to be found although some things were recognizable.

Here's a statue of Lenin with an old Soviet era government building behind.

In 1914 the name of the city was changed to Petrograd, in 1924 to Leningrad and in 1991 back to Saint Petersburg.

Another street view.

One of the many palaces that line the streets.

We had two beautiful summer days there and lots of people were out walking the streets.

View from a river cruise.

More iconic onion shaped domes.

Another recognizable sign although it is in Russian!

While there I could hardly believe I was in Russia. I have always wanted to go and even now looking at the photos I am still amazed I was there.

More to come on Saint Petersburg soon!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place! I'd love to go to Europe some day...

Avril Tanner said...

Love the picture of the subway shop!!

Rosemary said...

thanks for the tour gives me itchy feet to get away to this fabulous city.

Deanna said...

Amazing friend!