Thursday, August 05, 2010

Brittany's Summer To Do List- Aug 5th Update

We've been making slow progress on Brittany's to do list but we did make root beer floats recently:

And we were camping this past weekend!

( ) Have a picnic.
(X) Make root beer floats.We made root beer floats!
(X) Go camping. We went to Kin Kamp in Meaford this past long weekend!
( ) Make strawberry crisp.
( ) Go to the movies.
(X) Go out for lunch/dinner.We had lunch out yesterday in Stratford.
(X) Go shopping in the US. Brittany and went shoppiing in Buffalo for the day a couple of weeks ago.
( ) Have a sleepover.
( ) Make raspberry lemonade.
( ) Make smoothies.
( ) Go to the beach.
(X) Get books at Chapters to read throughout the summer.
(X ) Visit Gramma and Great-Grandma.Brittany visited Gramma last week.
( ) Play board games.
(X) Go to a play in Stratford. In June she saw As You Like It with Steve.


Deanna said...

Now I want a root beer float! Thanks!

Rosemary said...

Brittany is getting thru her list.

Joanne said...

Looks yummy! And I love those glasses!
Joanne xo