Sunday, July 04, 2010

An Update on Life

Happy Sunday Evening! I hope you all have enjoyed the gorgeous sunny and warm weekend.

My blog has been distinctly lacking in the life component lately so I thought I'd post a bit of a summary of what my family and I have been up to.

So here we go.....

In early June we participated in a 5 km walk in support of ALS. It was organized by my friend Ann and went really well. I also went to the Crop for the Cure in St.Jacobs put on by Tracey, it was another well organized and fun event!

Then in mid-June I went to Toronto to take the Copic Certification Course. It was a terrific day and the course was very well taught by Sherrie of Card Creme. While there,I ran into Donna MacDonald, a wonderful lady, who I worked with years ago. She has a very inspiring blog here.

I've been to a couple of birthday celebrations, one for my sister, who made some yummy drinks that I'll feature in a separate post and the other for my friend Jeannie who celebrated a very special birthday. As we left she presented us with our own personalized scrapbookers 'loot' bag, here's a pic:

Each bag was tailored to the recipient and mine contained a lovely selection of ribbon and flowers along with some other goodies(I ate all the chocolate before I took a pic:

Thanks Jeannie!

Then I took a photography course on how to use your SLR camera at The Art House .It was expertly instructed by Sue Sykes. It was a great day and I took these photos, all on manual camera settings:

Brittany and I met my sister and her family in Stratford for a decadent dinner at the Erie Drive-In Restaurant which included deep fried mushrooms with dill dip. They were so good!

We had friends Kathryn and Dave over for dinner where I tried a couple of new salad recipes that I'll share in future posts.

On another evening we went to the Mohawk Race track with friends John and Dana where we enjoyed an awesome buffet dinner and had fun betting on each race. I started with $20 and left with $17,not bad for 13 races,lol!

Last week I went to my nephew Brayden's grade 8 graduation, congrats Brayden!

And this past Thursday I saw Eclipse with my daughters. I got such a laugh out of the teenage girls squeeling at Jacob's chest.

We spent time this past weekend enjoying the sunshine and did go to see fireworks at the U of Waterloo where I experimented with taking fireworks pics, I'll show the results in another post.

And finally, I took some garden pics today that I'll show in another post. While doing so I noticed that some of the delphinium was falling over so I cut them and along with some hydrangea created this arrangement:

So there you have it, my update is complete......and probably tells you way more than you wanted to know,lol!


Courtney Baker said...

Your photography class sounds awesome! I so enjoyed mine in college!

Judy B said...

Roseanne, you have been a busy woman...But isn't it great to enjoy the wonderful fulfilling things of life...May you have many more wonderful events during the summer. I look forward to those salad recipes.

Avril Tanner said...

I think your update is wonderful! I have not seen you in a while and it was a nice way of catching up! Sounds like your life has been full of friends family and a little craftin time! LOL! I am glad you have enjoyed!

Deanna said...

Isnt that Jeannie amazing!
The pictures are awesome!
I so should have been at that course!