Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Brittany's Updated List of Things to Do This Summer

Well, we've accomplished a few more things on Brittany's list: back to school shopping in Buffalo, trip to the Toronto Zoo and visits to both Gramma and Great Grandma.

[x] Have lunch out with Mom. Done! We went to Applebees in Cambridge.
[x] Go to Starbucks for a frappucino.Done!
[x] Go camping with Dad.
[ ] Go to Grand Bend.
[x] Go shopping in Buffalo.
[ ] Go to Toronto.
[x] Go to the movies.Done! Went to see the new Harry Potter movie.
[ ] Go fishing.
[ ] Make homemade pizza.
[x] Go to Chapters. Done! Brittany bought herself 4 great books to read.
[ ] Make applesauce.
[ ] Go to Wonderland.
[ ] Play board games.
[ ] Go to a baseball game.
[x] Make rhubarb/strawberry dessert . Done, we made a crisp!
[x] Visit Gramma.
[x] Go to the zoo.
[x] Pick strawberries. Done, on Canada day!
[x] Go shopping.Done! We went shopping in Cambridge and bought some shorts and tops on sale!
[ ] Go to a play in Stratford.

But there are still a number of things to accomplish, do you think we could get an extension on summer?

Sorry Brittany, I just couldn't resist posting these pics of you at the zoo!


Rosemary said...

Hey Brittany
I am thinking making pizza , applesauce and board games are something we can do in Sept..shall we book that in? Doesn't going to the zoo count as going to Toronto...........

Joanne said...

I am with you on extending Summer! Even though you didn't do everything on the list, it looks like you had a great Summer with lots of fun times. Very cute photos!

Heidi Van Laar said...

I love this idea of making a list of summer goals! We should start a tradition like this!

(-: Heidi

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that doubling up or tripling even would be a great idea.......a 24 hr."goal-a-thon!!!!
Brenda in Kit

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's extend summer ... or better yet, let's have summer start.
Great pictures of Brittany! j

Rosanne said...

Brittany would love to do those things with you in September Mom!