Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Successful Shopping!

As these bags can attest to, we had a very successful shopping weekend!Gotta love the sales, why don't we have the same sales in Canada that the Americans do!

My purchases!

Kathryn's purchases!

Unfortunately some of my pictures didn't turn out but here's one of Kathryn, Pat and Sandy after our first shopping stop, the Duty Free store!

And I'm going back for more shopping(Christmas shopping mostly for me) in two weeks with my Mom, Aunt and Sister! Should be fun!


Rosemary said...

by the amount of bags looks like there were good sales!

Holly said...

holy crap rosanne! TONS 'o bags!

I haven't been shopping in the States since high school.... I know, imagine that!

Anonymous said...

You bought a BUS??????
Great....we can use it to get to Hespeler on Saturday.