Friday, November 03, 2006

Ah November! Let the shopping begin!

Yep, its November! And so this morning we awoke to a skiff of snow onthe road. Enough to make them icy until the snow melted. But people in my area seemed to slow down so even if you slid a bit, it was OK.
And now that its November its time to start gearing up for Christmas. I have a bit of head start as I have made a couple of gifts already and did some shopping in the US a couple of weeks ago but there is still more to do! Let the shopping begin!

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Auntie D said...

Yes let the shopping begin! Well at least I hope!! I haven't shopped so much as I did a few weeks ago with you, hope I haven't shopped myself out.. LOL
Great site, keep up the great work, will check in from time to time